Buyer Overview

First, be sure to check out this link which will take you to OUR CREDO. It basically states that as a facilitator we ain’t putting up with any s*** from buyers or sellers. We want an open and honest space for those in the hobby to purchase safely and comfortably.  There is no PER CARD […]

Seller Overview

 FIRST AND FOREMOST THERE IS NO PER CARD FEE. THEY ARE YOUR CARDS AND IT’S YOUR MONEY. WHEN YOU SELL A CARD HERE, YOU KEEP ALL THE MONEY .  As a seller you will be able to upload and sell graded, non-graded sports cards and non-sports cards. You will also be able to sell sealed/unopened  […]

Guidelines and Terms of Use for Sports Wax Promotions Buyers

1) Sports Wax Promotions is a PayPal Marketplace. Buyers (and sellers) must have an established, pre-existing PayPal account to transact on the platform. 2) Sellers only ship to the domestic USA shipping address on the PayPal invoice. There is no international shipping. Buyers can list any domestic United States shipping address in their PayPal account, […]

Guidelines and Terms of Use for Sports Wax Promotions Marketplace Sellers

1) Any grading company not specifically listed in section 8 is NOT ALLOWED on site. Support team members are NOT able field questions as to why or when any specific company will be allowed on. All such inquiries will be referred back here for reference. 2) All images uploaded to must be flat and […]

After Sales Actions & Expectations

      (Just as a reminder the full terms and guidelines for sellers can be referenced here.) Congrats on making a sale through the Sports Wax Promotions platform! Here are the next steps to take and important points to remember: 1. Buyers are required to remit payment via PayPal within 24 hours of committing to purchase. Please […]

After Purchase Actions & Expectations

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