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After Purchase Actions & Expectations

What to do & expect after purchase.

(As a reminder the full terms and guidelines for buyers can be referenced here.)


Congrats on making a purchase through the Sports Wax Promotions platform! Here’s what you should do next and what to expect in return:


1. The first step after purchasing an item would be to remit payment via PayPal within 24 hours. Please remember buyers who fail to do so are automatically deactivated by the system and would have to then request reinstatement.


2. During the PayPal checkout process it is the buyer’s responsibility to provide an accurate and secure shipping address to the seller. makes no guarantees of any kind with regard to shipments between users. We are strictly a peer-to-peer marketplace and never touch inventory and or get involved in the fulfillment process in any way therefore is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items. That said as all payments on the platform are processed through PayPal Marketplace, buyers are protected by PayPal’s Purchase Protection. As such we strongly urge all buyers to carefully review the relevant guidelines and requirements dictated by PayPal in their user agreement under the section called PayPal’s Purchase Protection Program here.


3. After remitting payment, buyers should keep in mind that sellers are required to ship and upload tracking directly into the platform within 3 business days (Saturday and Sunday are not considered business days and therefore do not count). Please remember all sellers must apply, go through screening, and be approved. This said please give these vetted sellers the allotted time before sending emails for updates, tracking, and so forth. If 3 business days pass and tracking has not been provided, buyers should then contact the seller for an update. If a buyer is unable to reach a particular seller (assuming the 3 business days have already passed) the buyer should then contact support and a team member will help the buyer contact the seller in question. If is unable to get in touch with the seller, the buyer will be instructed to start a refund request via PayPal and the seller’s account will be deactivated in a last attempt to spur the seller into providing an update on the card in question.


4. After receiving tracking buyers are expected to remain calm and respectful should any carrier related delays occur. These delays are neither the seller’s nor fault and are common with every courier service worldwide. No buyer should start a refund request until the item is determined to be lost or stalled at a location, typically 3 weeks after being scanned with no further update.


5. Once a package is delivered buyers have 24 hours to report any major damage or shipping error to the seller and to Major damage does not include superficial scratches and or nicks on a slab that are widely accepted in the industry.


Major damage/shipping errors include:

A. Destruction of the item due to the mail carrier.

B. Significant slab damage that calls into question the integrity of the card or grade given.

C. You’ve received the wrong item.

D. Obvious damage to a card that would negate the original grade given (this does not include minor issues on PSA 10’s).

E. Receiving a counterfeit item (slab or card).

F. Damage to a slab (or card) that looks intentionally obscured in the seller provided images.

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