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After Sales Actions & Expectations

      (Just as a reminder the full terms and guidelines for sellers can be referenced here.)

Congrats on making a sale through the Sports Wax Promotions platform! Here are the next steps to take and important points to remember:

1. Buyers are required to remit payment via PayPal within 24 hours of committing to purchase. Please be patient and allow buyers the allotted time before emailing for an update. Should a buyer fail to pay within the 24 hour window your item will automatically be re-listed and the buyer’s account will be deactivated.

2. Sellers are required to ship AND upload tracking directly in the platform within 3 business days from the time of sale, so as soon as you receive confirmation that the payment has been made you should be preparing your item for shipping.

3. Sellers are to ship to the address on the PayPal invoice only! Not doing so negates all PayPal Seller Protection.

4. Shipping is at the sellers discretion but preferred couriers are USPS, FedEx, and UPS. As a best practice recommends 2 layers of packing such as a bubble mailer within a box, a box within a larger box, and so on. Bubble wrap, packing peanuts, cardboard layers, etc are all highly recommended. No one likes damage during shipping and the resulting return requests that come as the result of poor packing.

5. Regardless of the chosen courier, sellers are strongly encouraged to both insure their shipments for the full purchase price (through the carrier and or through collectibles insurance policies), to save proof of shipment and to always require a signature at the time of delivery. For higher dollar items USPS Registered Mail (details here) is a highly recommended option. If a seller chooses not to take these simple common sense precautions, options to help them in the event of a lost or damaged package become very limited. Ultimately it is the seller’s sole responsibility to make sure their customers receive the item that was purchased in the condition in which it was listed.

6. After shipping, sellers are required to add tracking details to their items directly in the platform. This is the respectful, courteous thing to do as it automatically let’s their customers know that things are moving along as expected. If you choose not to purchase tracking or do not upload it in your transaction history to properly notify customers of shipment you risk account suspension and effectively forfeit all protection in the event of a claim.

7. Sellers are expected to provide customer service on their orders. Prompt, courteous responses to reasonable email requests for updates from their customers are expected. Sellers who repeatedly fail to respond to their customers and or force their customers to file complaints with will have their selling privileges revoked.

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