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Buyer Overview

First, be sure to check out this link which will take you to OUR CREDO. It basically states that as a facilitator we ain’t putting up with any s*** from buyers or sellers. We want an open and honest space for those in the hobby to purchase safely and comfortably. 

There is no PER CARD FEE when you make a purchase. Between you the buyer and the seller the tax liabilities lie with you individually. Be sure to check out our guidelines and expectations concerning that. 

There is a small nominal monthly rate to participate in the marketplace as a buyer.  When compared to the per card fees of similar sites our monthly rate is very nominal.  Without purchasing a monthly membership you will still be able to see the pricing and the items available for sale, however you won’t be able to make purchases. 

Your purchase of a membership will include the ability to now  make purchases on the website but will also include extras as we grow. Such as free entries into monthly box breaks, access to EXCLUSIVE distributor pricing for wax, and monthly memorabilia giveaways.

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