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Guidelines and Terms of Use for Sports Wax Promotions Marketplace Sellers

1) Any grading company not specifically listed in section 8 is NOT ALLOWED on site. Support team members are NOT able field questions as to why or when any specific company will be allowed on. All such inquiries will be referred back here for reference.

2) All images uploaded to must be flat and not tilted. All grading company certification numbers MUST be clear and legible. There should be no slab stands, fingers, or other objects holding up the slabs. No advertising or branding is allowed in the images. The entire slab must be in the picture and be cropped using our built in cropper tool and as close to the slab as possible while leaving all edges and corners of your slabs visible. Horizontal slabs (slabs turned on their side) are not allowed.

3) As a seller it is your responsibility to maintain your inventory and prices. If a slab sells on that has already been sold elsewhere, the seller will be required to provide a verifiable receipt demonstrating that the transaction did in fact occur prior to the transaction. Sellers who continuously fail to remove sold items risk having their seller status revoked.

4) Sellers on are required to act professionally. This includes prompt communication, and fast secure shipping. Sellers who attempt to back out of deals run the risk of account suspension.

5) Sellers should only ship to the PayPal Shipping address found on the PayPal invoice. DO NOT SHIP TO ANY OTHER ADDRESS. If you ship to a different address, you will not be protected by PayPal.

6) International sellers and those shipping from vault accounts are required to make a clear note in the listing title so buyers know to expect additional lead time. (Ships from Canada, Ships from PWCC, etc.)

7) Fees for sellers – There are no per card/item seller fees. Instead there is a monthly subscription to access and sell on the platform. 

8) The only slabs allowed on are PSA, BGS, BVG, SGC, CSG, CGC, and CBCS authenticated and or graded slabs. Sellers who upload slabs from other third party graders risk account suspension. Sealed wax is allowed in the Wax section only.

9) Sellers and Buyers on are responsible for collection and payment of all Sales and Use Tax as required by law. never collects sales tax. Sellers and Buyers are expected to comply with all laws and regulations in connection with the sale, purchase and shipment of their goods. Sellers shall have the right to determine the shipping costs and any other costs associated with the sale of their goods such as sales and use taxes and to factor such costs into any decisions on setting prices.

10) Any offer initiated by a buyer will be valid for 24 hours or until the seller declines, the seller counters, or the buyer cancels. Whichever of the four events occurs first.

11) A seller must ship items AND upload tracking directly into the platform within 3 Business Days. Not following this guideline will result in one’s account being deactivated. If a seller is going to be busy (on vacation, other emergency, etc) they can go into their profile and activate “Vacation Mode” which will temporarily disable all their For Sale slabs.

12) All buy it now, prices and best offers include shipping. There is no additional shipping cost. However, if a Buyer requests special shipping then the seller and buyer can negotiate accordingly.

13) Regardless of the chosen courier, sellers are strongly encouraged to both insure their shipments for the full purchase price (through the carrier and or through collectibles insurance policies), to save proof of shipment and to always require a signature at the time of delivery. For higher dollar items USPS Registered Mail (details here) is a highly recommended option. If a seller chooses not to take these simple common sense precautions, options to help them in the event of a lost or damaged package become very limited. Ultimately it is the seller’s sole responsibility to make sure their customers receive the item that was purchased in the condition in which it was listed.

14) There are no returns, refunds, or exchanges on If the Buyer does not receive the item paid for or if there is substantial damage to the item inside the slab or holder, the buyer and seller should communicate and come to a mutually agreeable settlement. If a settlement cannot be reached, then may attempt to help mediate.

15) Sellers should disclose any significant scratches, chips or other damage to the slab (that is not clearly visible in the provided images) in the listing. This includes mislabeled slabs or other defects including but not limited to damage to a PSA 10 that calls the grade into question.

16) Small scratches to the slab and or small cracks or chips do not qualify for a reslab fee. If the damage to the slab is significant but does not threaten the integrity of the item, the buyer is due a reslab fee from the seller. If there is significant damage to a slab or holder not visible in the images on the website that threatens the integrity of the item inside the holder and or grade, a buyer may request a refund from the seller.

17) If Approved, international sellers are allowed on, provided that they indicate the Country of Origin in their Listing Title so that Buyers know ahead of time from where their slabs will be shipped (for Example “Shipping from Canada”). This allows buyers to plan ahead for potential increased shipping times.

18) The processing of all payments are subject to the terms, conditions and privacy policies of PayPal. PayPal has the sole authority to reverse all transactions executed on our platform through PayPal Marketplace. makes no guarantees of any kind with regard to shipments between users. We are strictly a peer-to-peer marketplace and never touch inventory and or get involved in the fulfillment process in any way therefore is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items. That said as all payments on the platform are processed through PayPal Marketplace, sellers are protected by PayPal’s Seller Protection. As such we strongly urge all sellers to carefully review the relevant guidelines and requirements dictated by PayPal in their user agreement under the section called PayPal’s Seller Protection Program here. In the event of a dispute always makes a best effort to support members who we deem to be acting in good faith, but the ultimate decision on a dispute is PayPal’s.

19) As a community we encourage members to be understanding and respectful of one another. As such we expect all sellers to take full responsibility for the content of their listings and to correct any errors within 24 hours of listing or last editing an item. This is especially important if there’s an error in the listing price of an item such as leaving out a digit (e.g. $100 instead of $1,000). It’s important to note that sellers who attempt to back out on or not honor completed sales due to a sudden increase in demand for a player as a result of a big game, big news, etc will be removed from the platform.

20) With the sole exception of pre-sale wax, sellers are required to be in possession (themselves or in a vault account they own) of all items being listed for sale. Due to the plethora of issues that often arise “market arbitrage” or the practice of listing items for sale that you are not yet the owner of is strictly prohibited.

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