Manage your store on the go!

SWPM Store Manager lets your vendors have total control over their stores and manage them with ease.

Simplified Dashboard

Navigate easily through your products, orders, enquiries and other categories neatly organised in the homescreen

Convenient Product Updates

View the entire list of your products, add simple products and edit product details like pricing and availability- all at one place.

Customer Queries Inbox

Build better relationships with customers by replying to individual customer enquiries from the Enquiry Board.

Easy Order Tracking (gif)

Never miss an order with an organised Order Listing and the ability to update order status easily from the same page.

Control Customer Reviews

View individual customer ratings and reviews and control their approval to be posted on your store page.

Sales statistics

Track the progress of your store with weekly and monthly Gross sales and Earnings report under Reports section.

Push notifications

Stay updated with prompt notifications of all your marketplace activities and sales on your smartphone/tablet.