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Upcoming Shows.

Sports Cards . Pokemon . Funko Collectibles

Fastest Growing

Premier Sports Card Show
We pride ourselves on providing an upbeat, energetic, fun, & unique card show experience.

All Day Giveaways

Cash & Collectibles
Looking to give back and serve a hobby, community & industry that has blessed us.

#1 Vendors

Best In Class
Our card shows bring vendors from across the country, offering Sports Cards, Pokemon, and Funko collectibles.

Community Focus

Card Enthusiasts
We’re proud to bring NC something that will be a consistent presence in the community .

Interested in being a Dealer or Vendor at an upcoming card show?

Collecting leads to connecting. It’s a great way to meet even greater people and have fun doing something that makes us happy! Whether you’re new to the “other side of the table” or you’re a seasoned card show veteran. We welcome everyone with open arms! WE WILL NEVER STOP YOUR HUSTLE!
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